Meet our main projects:

Prevention Application of Fluoride

Since it was founded the NGO SOS Dental works strongly with fluoride application because it believed to be a pratical way of caries prevention with effective and lasting result. In an official statement, some experts around the world expressed concern about the growing disparity in oral health and the lack of progess in the global light against dental caries, especially in low–income populations. According to dr. Poul Erik Petersen, director of the Board Oral Health of the World Health Organization, prevention through the use or fluoride is the only realistic way to reduce the distress of the population. The benefits or fluoride for the prevention and control of dental caries are know by the scientific and public health community over 60 years. White fluoride is widely available in different distribution systems in many developed countries, it is estimated that globally only 20% of the world population are benefited a by appropriate exposure to fluoride.

Distribution of hygiene kits

Tooth brushing is the most common form to clean teeth, being widely accepted as desirable social behavior by the population of industrialized countries. However some care is essential to real health promotion. A toothbrush, most used and popular object for performing oral hygiene, may be responsible for the introduction of new microorganism in the oral cavity, causing localized or systemic disease, increasing the risk of cavities an infectious diseases, especially after the hygiene procedures since the use of regular toothbrush can make it contaminated, making the reservoir for reintroduction of pathogens, which can lead to repeated infections of the mouth. For this reason the toothbrush should be changed periodically and should be changed periodically and should not be shared, even among family members. Whit the distribution of hygiene kits(consisting of a toothbrush, a toothpaste and educational pamphlet) the NGO is enabling everyone to have access to oral health.

Sustainability : water recicler

Today we know that mineral resource at higher risk of scarcity in the world is drinking water and for that we need more energetic measures to ensure that waste is fought in all forms. Water is a finite resource and in view of this, based on researches of UNEP(United Nations Program for The Enviroment), we find in the next 20 years the global average water supply per capita will be reduced by one third. For this reason, today are already in developing several researches to find effective ways of recycling water and is reuse is encouraged by public campaigns and even for some legislations. Whit this scenario in mind the NGO SOS Dental has developed a technology to reuse water in dental offices. This technology is currently being evaluated by the appropriate authorities and will soon be available for use.